Monday, September 24, 2012

The Weather is Getting Crisper - A Dear Joe Letter

Dear Joe,

The weather is getting crisper and the leaves are slowly starting to turn those beautiful shades of orange and yellow and red. Soon, those huge trees in our front lawn will have their release and there will be lots and lots of raking to do. I explained to Domani today what it would be like and told him that he would probably enjoy playing in the leaves. Thinking about the falling leaves and the raking that comes with it makes the tears come. I don't have to tell you that raking the leaves was always something you would do.

The weather is getting crisper and the Afghan Whigs are on a North American tour. Greg Dulli curated the ATP I'll Be Your Mirror Festival in NYC this weekend and it was wonderful. As if it wasn't enough that he was hanging around most of the weekend enjoying the bands, chatting with fans, and taking photos, he also brought Marcy Mays out on the stage during the AW set to perform My Curse. It was epic. But I don't have to explain that to you. Once again, seeing the Afghan Whigs in concert, was like a spiritual highway leading straight to you and it was definitely a fun trip (my May 23 AW trip). It culminated in the Bulletproof to Summer's Kiss to Faded trilogy with a little Where Did Our Love Go thrown in... which did nothing short of sending me over the moon wishing you were in my arms again.

The Afghan Whigs playing What Jail is Like
Marcy Mays on lead vocals for My Curse
Greg watching Charles Bradley's performance.

The weather is getting crisper and I'm remembering what our life was like this time last year. We had recently taken Domani to his first MLB game - a Mets v. Nats matchup in DC and we saw Keith Hernandez and R.A. Dickey hanging out at our hotel and Domani had a blast exploring the mall attached to the hotel and miraculously the Mets actually won our little guy's first game. A year ago this week we took Domani to his first game at Citifield and took a family photo with Mr. Met and you bought him his very own Mr. Met from the Team Store and amazingly enough the Mets won that day too. Last year this time we took Domani to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden and Pirate Day at the Princeton Shopping Center and then we celebrated his first birthday at a party packed with family and friends. But you were sick. And I can't help but remember that too.
Domani's first game at Citifield, gripping that Mr. Met from his Daddy

Pirate Day - September 17, 2011

Joe & Domani at Adventure Aquarium
The weather is getting crisper and there's a new iPhone out. You missed the 4s and now you're missing the 5. I can't help but remember our trips to the Apple Store in Freehold Mall and how I was VERY pregnant while we waited to get the iPhone 4. Some friendly folks in line found a chair for me while you were waiting in the other line, but mall security made us return it to the Starbucks. I *almost* put my organizing skills into action, but we were so close to getting our phones that I let it slide and convinced everyone around me that they didn't need to start a protest on my behalf. I would buy you a new iPhone (and a new car) every year if I could just have you back here with us. But, of course, if there's anything these past few years have taught me it's that life is not about iPhones or cars.

The weather is getting crisper and Domani has already picked out his Halloween costume. He wants to be a football player. Specifically, he wants to be a Giants football player. You would be proud of this little guy and how much he already knows about sports. He also can't watch a baseball game without raising his fist and yelling "Mets!" Someone should probably tell him that once the weather gets crisper, there is usually no need to be cheering for the Mets, but that probably won't be me. I guess I should be happy that he chose to be a Giants player - at least we can tag that choice with the word "CHAMPION".

The weather is getting crisper and I just signed up for my first half marathon. I'm sure that would surprise you since this time last year I would have struggled to run a mile. Let's just say I've been inspired. Running to raise money for the fight against cancer has helped, (see Running the Undy 5000) but feeling healthier and having some time to think and just BE are what have really gotten me hooked. I know you would be proud of what I've accomplished so far and happy at how I'm fighting to be healthier.

The weather is getting crisper and I have to get the oil tank filled and the cars washed and the rose bushes pruned and I have to complete the application to refinance the mortgage and sort through your clothes and write some thank yous and yes, eventually rake the leaves. There's just no easy way to say that I miss you in both the everyday tasks and the lofty life moments.

Yes, the weather is getting crisper and it does make me miss you, but it also reminds me how this season in particular is full of sweet memories and the warmth of our love. And it always will be.

With Love,

Got another chance to meet Greg. Friday 9/21 at IBYM Festival.

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