Thursday, March 15, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy

I could come up with a pretty long list of things that make me sad these days. Today, I decided to come up with my own very personal list of things that make me happy. It's way longer than I thought it would be. And that makes me very happy.

-Listening to The Afghan Whigs
-Reading about The Afghan Whigs
-FaceTime with my sister in Idaho
-Making travel plans
-Phone calls with friends
-Re-discovering an old friendship
-Praise Band
-My friends who are pregnant or new mommies
-Dinner plans with friends
-Reading Anne Lamott
-Watching my son play with his cousins
-Best friends
-The prospect of something new and/or exciting (tattoo, motorcycle ride, travel abroad)
-My son's out of control laughter
-My son's out of control appetite
-Having some time alone
-Workers standing up to the boss
-Mets tickets
-The NY Giants Superbowl Champion DVD
-A quiet movie night at home
-Anything from Mendoker's in Jamesburg
-The attention (and occasional free cookie) my son gets when he comes with me to Mendoker's
-Family members who show up
-Friends who show up
-Co-workers who show up
-The therapy I found in the movie 50/50
-Spiritual direction
-Two of the best cleaning people anywhere
-Old cards and notes from Joe
-Flowers popping up in my side garden
-A slightly too strong mixed drink at the end of a long day
-Salsa and chips from Mexican Village
-Catching up with high school friends
-Joe's slippers
-Bejeweled Blitz
-Words with Friends
-A good meal at Makeda
-The songs from Joe's thumb drive on a random mix
-A good sermon shared on Twitter
-Emails, FB messages, blog comments, RTs, replies, comments, wall posts, likes, phone calls, texts and snail mail
-Greg Dulli on Instagram
-A cup of hot tea
-Hugs and kisses and pats on the shoulder from my son
-A massage from Nancy
-Caring neighbors
-A hot shower
-Meaningful work
-A gift certificate for a pedicure
-Cuddling in the morning with my son
-Child care helpers
-Sesame Street with Ricky Gervais
-Line dancing
-ATP IBYM Festival in September in Asbury Park curated by Greg Dulli featuring a reunion performance by The Afghan Whigs

What's on your "happy" list?


  1. Reading your blog has been added to my Happy List -- mainly because it reminds me to live in the now while planning (but not counting on) the future.

    Thank you for being my friend.

  2. Random happy list items:
    time alone at 4:30 in the morning to collect my thoughts for the day
    walking the dog along the bike path at dawn
    helping a 12 year old figure out why he or she feels so shitty - and assuring that kid that he /she is okay just the way they are
    painting what is in my head - in all its abstract glory
    listening to the tunes that make me feel alive
    yes, it is that important to be repeated three times
    riding my bike out along the laguna at dawn
    the beach - anywhere, anytime
    laughing with my daughter and getting her fashion advice
    walking with Sonny Boy and listening to him reflect on what he has learned
    a glass or two of red wine at days end
    boots! boots! boots! see above about the three times
    my brothers
    words with friends!
    warm weather
    the sunshine at any time
    did I mention reading?
    writing stuff
    when Ellie (the mutt) curls up next to me with her head in my lap and her eyes on me
    a massage!
    homemade pizza
    a good green salad
    walking in my town
    laughing with my boss (who happens to be the best administrator I have ever known)
    okay, gotta get moving or I'll be late
    thanks for the inspiration and the opportunity to remember the happy things!
    I liked your list too!