Monday, August 20, 2012

Part of the Journey - Another 5k

Today I registered for my next 5k. On Saturday, September 8, I will run the Undy 5000 in Philadelphia in an effort to raise money in the fight against colon cancer.

From the event website:

The Undy 5000 is a family-friendly 5K run/walk that was created by the Colon Cancer Alliance. It is unique because participants are encouraged to run in their boxers to bring attention to the area affected by colon cancer. We have found that by getting people talking about this disease, we can save lives!

It never ceases to amaze me how my path always seems to cross with just the right people at just the right time. That has been especially true this year.

I first met Malinda, who introduced me to the Undy 5000, in May when we both attended the Afghan Whigs Reunion show at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC (post here). We have been in touch since then on Twitter and by following each other's blogs (Malinda's blog). As it turns out, she is a runner and is training to run the Chicago Marathon this fall. On July 16, she lost her Grandma to cancer with only 3 days from her diagnosis to her passing. Malinda and her twin sister Leah are running the marathon to benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand in memory of her as well as in memory of Leah's brother-in-law Michael who passed from leukemia in 2003. Malinda has been an inspiration to me with her running (even though she often refers to herself as the slower half of Twins Run she is still way faster than me!) and we have been able to encourage each other through our grief. And, of course, it doesn't hurt that we'll also get to rock out together to some Afghan Whigs in Philadelphia at the end of September!

I only know Nick Salve in the online world, but he has also crossed my path with perfect timing. Last week, he replied to one of my tweets about my 5k training with some encouraging words. Since then we've exchanged #5ktraining tweets and I've started following his blog. Like Malinda, he too is an inspiration. Nick was diagnosed with MS when he was 21 and is training to run his first 5k on September 1. Our paces are similar so it's been encouraging to follow Nick and his progress and to read about all the things he is doing to say #FU2MS.  From taking on surfing to forming a rock band which raises funds for MS research and assistance, he is doing some inspiring stuff. I'm thankful to have another virtual running buddy as I approach this fall and the list of 5ks I hope to run.

I'm also thankful for those I know in real life who have been lighting a fire under my butt from near and far: Christon, Justin, Jess, Suzanne, Bob - I can always count on them to help me along in my training whether by text or a tweet or a phone call or even running by my side. And, it's also worth noting that there would be no running for me if not for my amazing family who consistently watch Domani while I do my training. 

Getting to September 8 and beyond will truly be a group effort. I'm excited to be running for such a great cause and happy with how I feel physically and the energy I've gotten from being so active again. And, I know that when the Undy 5000 rolls around, I will have one more cheerleader rooting for a good finish, even though it will be from that cosmic finish line.

You can follow Malinda on Twitter @MalindaAnnHill and you can follow Nick on Twitter @NickwithMS. You can follow me @MamaDeak.

To make a donation to the Colon Cancer Alliance, visit my Undy 5000 fundraising page:


  1. Anne,
    So grateful we connected and continue to inspire each other! Can't wait to see you on September 8!

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