Thursday, August 16, 2012

Remembering Our Wedding Day

I spent most of today thinking back over that day 4 years ago when Joe and I said our vows and promised to be there for each other 'til death do us part'. From the moment I stepped outside I was reminded of our wedding day. The sun was shining brightly with a gentle breeze, just like it was four years ago.

Our first moment together all dressed up for the wedding.
We took this photo in our backyard.
Our yard isn't nearly that neat now. There are more weeds mixed in with the grass and the bushes aren't as neatly trimmed, but as Domani and I stepped out of the house this morning it was still into that same backyard. And it brought back all of the memories of that day...

It brought feelings of sadness at the thought of those who are no longer here...
With Joe's Grandma who lost her own battle with
cancer in 2009, two months before Joe's diagnosis.
 It brought feelings of overwhelming love as I recalled our vows and how special our ceremony was - from the music we picked to the thoughtful words of our friend & officiant Dave, from the decorations made with love to the most adorable flower girl and ring bearer ever.
Our ceremony at Eagle River Day Camp. The night before
there was a huge storm, but you wouldn't have known it.

A little smooch after the ceremony.
It brought feelings of joy at the endless fun we had that day with our family and friends. The blob, the waterslide, beach volleyball, kayaks, paddle boats, swimming pools, Italian Ice, foosball, the kids playground, line dancing, lots of candy - there was more to do than could be packed into one afternoon.
Fun on the blob in the lake.
Yes, that's the bride being launched in the air.

And the bride on the waterslide.

The groom on the lake in his kayak.
It brought feelings of contentedness as I recalled that moment of knowing that I had joined lives with the one who was perfectly right for me.
We even brought our Mets to our wedding!
A smooch before hitting the road in our nice rental car.
Today was a rough day, but I am thankful for the ability to look back and remember. And I'm especially thankful for all these photos from Black Lab Studio. As much as Joe liked to joke around about how much we had to spend for wedding photos, I wouldn't trade them now for anything.


  1. Anne,
    It was a tough day for me too. I experienced an overwhelming sadness as I mourned for the days, weeks, months and years ahead that should have been for you, Joe and Domani.
    Yesterday, though, will always be a day to remember because it will always be the anniversary of the culmination of your unique love story.
    I spent time reflecting on the day you and Joe married. For many reasons it will always remain in my memory as the most special wedding.
    I don't remember too many of the specific details as much as I remember the feeling of the day. You each shared your love with all of us in a day filled with a ton of love, sheer joy, loads of fun, and most of all non stop happiness.

    1. You're so right, Mom. When I think back to that day it is the FEELING of the day that pops out with the most force. It was just such a special thing to share our love with so many people who loved us!

  2. what a wonderful post. I can't imagine the sadness in losing your spouse. I'm so glad you're writing and expressing your feelings and emotions.

    Keep at it

    1. Thanks, Nick. I'm enjoying following your blog too. I have found that losing my Joe has allowed me to discover strength I never knew I had and hope that I didn't think was possible. It's an amazing thing.

  3. Anne:
    Memories of your wedding day bring real joy to my heart and the day truly was action-packed with fun and filled with love. The high point was the gathering of family and friends in support of you and Joe as you exchanged your wedding vows and committed your lives to each other in a very meaningful ceremony. In reflecting, your wedding day is a great way to reminiscence about your life together and the incredible amount of love you were able to share over such a short time of married life. Joe’s strength and determination to live life to its fullest after his diagnosis is a testimony to the man he was. His love for you and Domani remained strong to the very end and continues to be an example we should all lift up and aim to match in our daily walk with our families and friends.
    Love, Dad

    1. Yes, Joe's love and determination are great examples for us all to follow. I am hoping to come across the book that Dave gave us with the ceremony written out because while I remember it being very special, the specifics are still a little blurry. Hopefully it will turn up soon!

  4. I found your blog through following your MIL's. I wanted to tell you that your post was beautiful and a tribute to the love you shared (and continue to share). I lost my hubby when I was 40 to cancer, and the anniversaries, birthdays and other "special" dates bring great memories to mind. It is also on the quiet days that little reminders of special things crop up. I always recall the line from "Ghost" that said that you take the love with you, and I truly believe it. Glad you decided to write, as it is a great outlet. All the best to you and your family.

  5. Elated to know about your wedding day details and hope these decoration ideas will help me in arranging my sister’s baby shower party which is being arranged at one of lovely NYC venues. Had wonderful time there with all our family and friends.

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