Monday, April 30, 2012

Encouragement From a Stranger

This morning Domani and I were going about our typical routine. Today, as is the case 2-3 days a week, it included a stop at Mendoker's Bakery. Domani has become known as the "bakery baby" and the women who work there pay extra special attention to him when he comes in. Some days it takes him a minute or two to warm up, but once he gets past latching on to my leg he moves quickly on to waving at the women, pointing at the cookies, and letting loose with whatever words come to his mind.

His antics usually lead to a special treat for him complete with the required giddy giggle, shy munching on the cookie he was just given, and a polite goodbye. We are working on "thank you". On a good day it goes like this:

Me: Say "thank you", Domani.
Domani: Thank you (or something mostly sounding like that.)
Woman who just gave him cookie:'re welcome.
Domani: You're welcome (or something mostly sounding like that.)

He's getting pretty good at repeating things, and eventually I'm sure he will actually understand the "Thank You"/"You're Welcome exchange. For now, it's just about the cutest thing ever. At least he's trying.

After he says goodbye to the women at the counter, he will then carry the ticket for our purchases over to the cashier. He often gets distracted by all the yummy looking food in the glass cases along the way, but eventually he gets there. He hands the ticket to the cashier and then waits for the exciting moment when he can say (and wave) goodbye and then go through not one, but TWO automatic doors.

This whole routine has become, well, routine for us. So, it caught me off guard today when we were at the cashier and the gentleman in line behind us asked how old he was and when I answered said simply, "you're definitely raising him right." It was a very simple thing for him to say, but it meant the world to this single mom who spends every day trying to do the best I can by a son who really deserves to have his Daddy here too. I may never see this gentleman again (or maybe I will since this is a small town), but he gave me a shot of much needed encouragement on this Monday morning when I was feeling ragged and unenthusiastic about the week ahead. I am so very grateful for that.

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