Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One Mile at a Time - Running NYC with Team DetermiNation

Two weeks ago today, I had a text conversation with one of my BRFs (Best Running Friends) which went like this:
BRF: When your head feels better I'm going to try talking you into running the NYC full with us. So that's a thing that will happen.
Me: This fall?!?!
BRF: Shhhh. Your head hurts. this isn't really happening. It's a dream. Zzzzzzz. (Yes this fall.)

This past Saturday night, just before my body melted into my Washington, DC hotel bed with visions of the Nike Women's Half Marathon dancing around in my head, I signed up with Team DetermiNation to fundraise thousands of dollars for guaranteed entry into the NYC marathon. It still feels a little surreal, but I am confident the time is right. Running has brought me to an amazing point in my life and there is no more special place for me to run my first 26.2 than in NYC and no more special organization to benefit than ACS.

A favorite family photo - LBI vacation, July 2011
I plan to run the NYC Marathon in memory of Joe.
In November 2011, just before Joe passed away, my friend Christon ran the NYC Marathon in his honor as a part of the American Cancer Society DetermiNation team. At the time Joe was in and out of the hospital with care and treatments so having someone who was willing to put the time and effort into fundraising thousands of dollars and then running 26.2 miles with us on her mind was a huge emotional and spiritual boost. It really meant the world to us then and I will never forget it. So, when my friend Melissa asked me to join her and her husband Paul this year as they run NYC with Team DetermiNation, even in my migraine-induced state I knew it was an offer I couldn't refuse (yes, that was a shameless nod to The Godfather which Joe and I both loved).

Although Joe will never get to greet me at the finish line of a race, he is there with me every time I run. When I feel like giving up, I remember his determination in the fight and I think to myself - if Joe could get through that, then I can run one more mile. So, on November 3rd, that's what I'll do. I will run one more mile and one more mile and one more mile until I have run 26.2 of them. Won't you visit my page today and make a donation or pass along the link to someone else who can?

I couldn't be more thankful for the love and support I've received from family, friends, fellow runners, and even total strangers through Joe's illness and since his passing. Over the next six months, I know that I will see even more of that love and support poured out as I train and raise funds. Together we can make a difference in the fight against cancer, a fight for more birthdays and less cancer...one mile at a time!


  1. So exciting that you're going to be running your first marathon with DetermiNation! :-)

  2. I read about your blog on Another Mother Runner's Follow This Mother, this morning. You are a great inspiration. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with all your training and the NYC marathon. I'm running my first marathon this year also. Patty