Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Where in the World is Mr. Met?

Some days the good news comes at just the right moment.

For what seems like forever, work has been challenging, with many big things going on at that same time (isn't that always the way it goes?) For the past week, my dear sweet toddler has been making a point of doing endearing toddler things like not going to sleep before 10pm, telling me he doesn't love me, and refusing to pretty much do anything at the moment when he is supposed to be doing it. I've been feeling tired and congested and generally blah in the midst of everything else. 

So, it's probably not surprising that this past weekend - one where I was coming off a two day work trip - was one where I felt like I was barely hanging on to my sanity. The fact that the little guy, my dad, and I used the Where in the World is Mr. Met photo contest to take a 15 minute break from the insanity to go fly a kite with Mr. Met seemed like a small miracle.

But the real miracle came on Monday when my phone lit up with the news that our entry had actually won the photo contest for Mets Opening Day tickets. I literally let out a 'Holy Sh@*' loud enough for my whole office to hear because I needed that good news like NY/NJ needs an actual spring day. It felt wonderful.

I couldn't wipe the smile off my face and I couldn't stop looking at the Mets Instagram account where my photo was posted. It brought back the very happy memory of flying the kite with Domani and my dad.

The winning photo!

One of the other photos I snapped while flying the kite

Domani with the Mr. Met picture after our photo shoot.
Going to the game on Opening Day will be very special - both because of the way we won the tickets and because April, with all its memories of Joe, is a tough month for us. I came to realize last year that being at a Mets game during those tough times make them a lot easier. We have wonderful memories with Joe and the Mets and are grateful that on April 1st we will get to be there for the Opening Day excitement. Then, Domani and I will be back at Citifield again on Thursday to cheer on the Mets and to remember Joe's birthday - he would have turned 38. And he would have been darn proud of his little 2 year old who already knows all about the Home Run Apple and how to cheer loudly for his "METS!"
The whole family with Mr. Met in September 2011.
It was Domani's 1st game at Citifield and Joe's last. He passed in December.

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