Monday, July 1, 2013

Mommy, I want to go see the Mets today!

It started with him wanting some Mets popcorn. First thing this morning.

Then he was explaining how he wanted to go to Citifield. 

Mommy, I want to go see the Mets today!

But we couldn't possibly go today. I had to work today. Even though it was a Sunday. Even though I wish I could play hooky.

Even though Zack Wheeler was pitching his first home game. We couldn't possibly go today. I had to work today.

I felt the tears in the corners of my eyes as I proceeded to get myself ready for work. He was crying too. Then, I picked him up to console him and the conversation got more difficult.

I miss Daddy.

I want to see the Mets with Daddy.

He pointed at a family photo that hangs on my bedroom wall.
And then we were both crying.

And then it was...It's ok, mommy.

Daddy is in heaven. He is ok. He's with Great Peepaw.

And then later in the car while we were driving to my mom's house, he was pretending to talk to her on the phone - Hi Meemaw. I miss Daddy. 

Yeah, kid. I do too. Especially on days like these.


  1. I'm sorry you and Domani had a rough day yesterday. That must have been very hard for you.
    Yeah, me too, I miss him too.

  2. Yeah, I have similar exchanges with Rowan too. They're tough. Really tough.

    1. Whew. I find them to be tough and so very special at the same time.

    2. You're right, they ARE special. I'm sure you have the same feeling, but I feel like it is SO important to try and help my daughter retain as much of a connection to her mother as possible. Events like that baseball game are a wonderful and meaningful way to do that.