Sunday, January 6, 2013


As a part of worship this morning in church each attendee received an Epiphany star with a different word written on it. Before receiving the "2013" word, members of the congregation shared their 2012 words and the meaning those words came to hold for them throughout the last year. Sprinkled with humor and tears, and overflowing with the profound, this was one of the most powerful communal reflections I have ever witnessed. By the end, I was beyond eager to receive my 2013 word.

I was sitting in the last pew of the church and as I watched the basket being passed a word flashed in my mind. The word was "love". That brought a tear to my eye. It is one of my hopes for this year. And then, from out of nowhere a song popped in my head. Truth be told, it wasn't really from out of nowhere because it's a song that seemed to pop up all over the place during 2012 - that Don't Stop Believin' song. The one that propels me when running or lifts my spirits on a dreary day working at the airport. My moment finally came and I picked the star off the top of the basket. And then the tears just came.

Yep, my word was "belief". Seriously. Really. I almost couldn't BELIEVE it. But I had to, because, you know, my word was BELIEF, after all. If this is any indication of the year ahead of me, I better buckle up and get ready for the ride. 

Already today that little word propelled me through a cold, muddy, 9-mile trail run. What a powerful little word! (Don't stop believin' - hold on to the feelin') I can't wait to see what it has in store for the remaining 359 days of 2013.

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